OPTION 1 (see picture below)
  • Concert gown and jewelry (purchase for or exchange via CYC)
  • Black character shoes (purchase or exchange via CYC)
  • Black tights/stockings (provide your own)
OPTION 2 (mostly provide your own)
  • White, long sleeved, button-down shirt
  • Black pants/slacks with wide leg, formal appearance (no jeans or leggings)
  • Black shoes (all-black, formal shoes, no colorful trim)
  • Black socks
  • Black bow tie (purchase or provide your own)
All singers: hair neatly styled off the face so the audience can see the beautiful faces of all the singers in the chorus!

(Mike is wearing a jacket because he was conducting; CYC singer outfit does not include a jacket.)

  • All singers need to have CYC polo shirts.
  • Polo shirts can be obtained from CYC
  • Polo shirts are worn with black pants or skirts