The Cabrillo Youth Chorus is designed for children from 8 to 18 years of age.


  • are held to place each child in the most appropriate group, considering age and musical experience.
  • are designed to be relaxed and fun.
  • take less than 15 minutes, but you might have to wait for your turn. 

Most new children don't know much theory unless they have already taken piano lessons. 
Don’t worry if your child doesn’t know music theory yet. Everyone who auditions will get in.

We teach music theory as a part of the CYC program, and it’s helpful if we have an idea of how experienced the new children are.

It is only necessary to show up once any time during audition hours and no appointment is needed. 
While you are waiting, your child will be measured for formal concert apparel. 

Each child will be asked to sing a song. Your child can bring a familiar song to the audition or can select one at the audition, such as
My Country 'Tis of Thee or Mary Had a Little Lamb.

In addition to singing a song, we will ask whether the child has knowledge of music theory, note names, values, time signatures etc.

We want everyone to be challenged, and we don’t want anyone to be bored!